Bikkiri (Barley)

Fukiage Mugi(Barley) ShochuBikkiri

Mild and refreshing flavor
“Bikkiri” is a shochu distilled under reduced pressure, then blended with undiluted oak aged shochu creating an elegantly mild flavor. “Bikkiri” has the characteristic taste of a Honkaku (Genuine) Shochu which brings out the natural flavor and aroma of the ingredients. Enjoy the alluring oak aroma and the moderate sweetness of barley along with its smooth silky texture.


Product Name Size ALC
Bikkiri (Barley) 720ml

Food Pairing

Any type of cuisines,Yakitori with salt or grilled fish.

Serving Temperature

Straight On The Rock with Water  with Hot Water
★★★ ★★★ ★★★