Komotsu Tatewaki Samurai-Shochu (Sweet Potato)

Fukiage Imo(Sweet Potato) ShochuKomatsu Shochu
Samurai Tatewaki

Shochu named in honor of the Samurai hero, “Komatsu Tatewaki” from Satsuma
“Komatsu Tatewaki Samurai-Shochu” is made from carefully selected “Kogane Sengan ”-rare sweet potatoes cultivated in Minami Satsuma. It is produced with traditional black koji, the main mash is fermented at a low temperature and distilled at normal pressure in the traditional way. It is characterized by the sweet potato’s delicate aroma and mild sweetness along with a light and refreshing flavor. Enjoy the mellow flavor as in the Samurai period.


Product Name Size ALC
Komotsu Tatewaki Samurai-Shochu (Sweet Potato) 1.8L

Food Pairing

Fatty sashimi or grilled meat.

Serving Temperature

Straight On The Rock with Water  with Hot Water
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