Kosatsuma Kame-Jikomi (Sweet Potato)

Fukiage Imo (Sweet Potato)ShochuKosatsuma Kame Jikomi

Sweet Potato Shochu produced in an earthenware pot
“Kosatsuma Kame-Jikomi” is slowly fermented with Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes and black koji at a low temperature in an earthenware pot which is buried underground in order to minimize temperature changes. This is a Honkaku (Genuine)Shochu that is characterized by a mellow taste and rich flavor.


Product Name Size ALC
Kosatsuma Kame Jikomi (Sweet Potato) 720ml

Food Pairing

Soy sauce-based Yakitori and pork chops.

Serving Temperature

Straight On The Rock with Water  with Hot Water
★★★ ★★★