1711 Founding of Ozeki by Osakaya Chobei in Imazu Village.
1884 Name change from 'Manryo' to 'Ozeki'.
1935 Reformed the organization into a joint-stock company, Bunjiro Osabe Company.
1945 Facilities are destroyed by fire due to a WWII air raid.
1950 Changed the trademark of 1st grade sake to 'Sake no Tsukasa Ozeki' and Special grade sake to 'Aoimon Ozeki'.
1958 Begins sponsoring the Ozeki Cup for Sumo Tournament.
1962 Changed corporate name to Ozeki Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
1964 Market launch of Ozeki One Cup coincides with the Tokyo Olympics.
The first 'cup' sake becomes a hit product and changes the industry standard.
1966 Ozeki One Cup vending machine is the first to offer only alcoholic beverages.
1976 Launches 1.8L Hakonosake Boxed Sake (1977 receives an award from the Ministry of International Trade. and Industry for packaging. In 1978, national release of the product.)
1979 Established Ozeki San Benito Inc. in Hollister, California, USA.
1985 Launches 1.8L Nomo Nomo Boxed Sake.
1991 Ozeki becomes Ozeki Corporation and new corporate principles and logo are enacted.
1999 Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification.
2001 Opens 'Sekijuan' a confectionary using sake in its sweets.
2004 Acquisition of the Tamon Brand.
2007 Launches 'One Cup Black' the latest product in the 'Cup' Series.
2009 Celebrated 45 years of Ozeki One Cup Sake excellence.
2011 Celebrated 300 years after foundation.
2014 Celebrated 50 years of Ozeki One Cup sake excellenece.
2015 Launches 'Junmai Rai', taking advantage of Ozeki's unique brewing technique.
2015 Acquisition of FSSC 22000 Certification.
2017 Kuniko Osabe became the 14th president.