Enzymes manufactured by OZEKI CORPORATION

Yatalase™ Yatalase is used to lyse cell walls of filamentous fungi. The product is prepared from culture supernatants of Corynebacterium sp. OZ-21, and consists mainly of chitinase, chitobiase and β-1,3-glucanase.
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Westase™ Westase was prepared from liquid culture supernatant of Streptomyces rochei DB-34. This product has complex lytic activities of yeast cell mainly consisting of β-1,6 glucanase and β-1,3 glucanase activity. This enzyme works well for Ascosporogenous yeasts such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae. But it is also available for fission yeasts such as Schizosaccharomyces pombe which cannot be protoplasted just with Zymolyase treatment or Basidiosporogenous yeasts, Imperfect yeasts such as Ustilago maydis, Phaffia rhodozyma, Cryptococcus albidus, etc. which are rarely protoplasted, and make them efficiently into protoplast.
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Labiase™ Labiase, produced by a submerged culture of Streptomyces fulvissimus TU-6, is a new enzyme preparation that lyses effectively cell walls of numerous lactic acid bacterium. This preparation is used as a tool for studies of cell walls structure of lactic acid bacterium and the preparation of plasmid DNA, intracellular enzyme and protoplast from lactic acid bacterium and so on.
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