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Celebrating 40 years as the first sake producer in America
OSI 40th Anniversary Ceremony News.

Ozeki Sake U.S.A. Inc. located in Hollister City, San Benito County, California held their 40th Anniversary Ceremony hosted by President Toru Ikemasu on September 23, 2019.

In May 1979 (Showa Year 54), Ozeki Sake Brewing Company Limited (Ozeki Corporation at present) was the first sake producer to establish a brewery in Hollister City, San Benito County, California under the name, Ozeki San Benito Inc. (referred to as OSI below).

OSI located in California since it had the necessary elements for brewing quality sake, blessed with a naturally rich environment that included the perfect California rice and quality water results that confirmed its similarity to Miyamizu, the ideal water for brewing sake.

The 40th Anniversary Ceremony took place on September 23, 2019 from 12:30pm at the San Juan Oaks Golf Club in America. The Mayor of Hollister, CEO of the San Benito Chamber of Commerce, and related parties who contributed to the Ozeki overseas launch attended.

Amongst the natural beauty of California, a grand celebration was held with those in attendance, the cask-breaking ceremony proved to be a source of excitement whilst ending on a peaceful note. The cask-breaking was especially a treat for the locals as they had not had the chance to experience this before, so all were deeply impressed.

Ever since its founding, Ozeki has concentrated deeply on enhancing people’s lifestyles through its mainstay product of sake. Quality has always been a top priority along with meeting the demands of our customers. As times change, we also endeavor to fulfill the needs of our customers by following the `Sakigake-pioneer spirit`, challenging ourselves to create new tastes in sake. Our aim is to create a better way of life and our motto embodies that realization -Enjoy life with Ozeki!
In the overseas market, we will continue our due diligence.