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A World First of Sake to Celebrate Diversity!

Ozeki Corporation (President: Kuniko Osabe/Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture) is celebrating Global Diversity Month known as Pride Month with the respective eight countries by launching of “One Cup Rainbow”.

[About the Product]
Ever since its foundation in 1711, Ozeki has been ahead of the curve, a pioneer striving to fulfill the needs of its customers with new sakes. With “Enjoy Life with Ozeki” as our motto, our daily commitment is to enhance people’s lifestyles through our sake products.

Driven by this pioneering spirit, we have launched One Cup Rainbow, a special edition of our One Cup sake flagship product with a six-color design. Fifty-six years after One Cup first went on sale in 1964, the drink remains as popular as ever, loved not only in Japan but around the world.

Ozeki was the first Japanese company to make sake in California, USA, starting production there in 1979. Now, with the growing global movement for diversity gathering momentum, we have created One Cup Rainbow in response to suggestions from young local employees and strong demand from customers in the US and elsewhere.

The product will be launched in eight countries initially, and releases over a broader area are planned to follow.

Regardless of traditional social preconceptions, we at Ozeki embrace diversity of characteristics (gender, age, nationality, belief, disability, sexual orientation etc.), values and ideas, and we shall continue to develop products that both foster the company’s growth and bring people happiness.