Hana Awaka


Single Pasteurized Sake
“Nama-Chozo-Shu” is pasteurized only once before bottling to bring you a refreshing flavor and tanginess only in a chilled sake. The chilling brings out the refreshing aftertaste, mellow aroma and moderate sweetness. Enjoy this refreshing sake all year long.


Product Name Size ALC Sake Meter Value Acidity
Nama-Chozo-shu 300ml
13% -0.5 1.3

Sake Type

  • SWEET-DRYpoint
  • Light-bodied-Full-bodiedpoint

Food Pairing

Whitefish sashimi,steamed fish or carpaccio.

Serving Temperature

Chilled(40°F~50°F) Room Temp. Warm(105°F~120°F) Hot(125°F~140°F)