Hana Awaka


Taking Tradition into the Future
RAI is created using a new age labor-intensive production process with the yeast, koji and lactic acid being the keys to this rich brew. Timing of the additions to the starter mash influence the flavor and aroma. Ozeki exclusively developed a new way of making sake to bring out the savoriness while sustaining easy drinkability. The unique brewing process of RAI creates a pleasant earthiness that is not too bold nor meek with subtle hints of caramel in the nose. A straightforward flavor that can be enjoyed for hours.


Product Name Size ALC Sake Meter Value Acidity
Rai 720ml 15% +2 1.7

Sake Type

  • SWEET-DRYpoint
  • Light-bodied-Full-bodiedpoint

Food Pairing

A variety of cuisine from spicy to highly seasoned grilled food

Serving Temperature

Chilled(40°F~50°F) Room Temp. Warm(105°F~120°F) Hot(125°F~140°F)
★★★ ★★