Hana Awaka

Tokubetsu JunmaiYamada Nishiki

Mellow and dry Tokubetsu Junmai-shu that keeps the original taste of rice.
A mellow and dry Tokubetsu Junmai-shu that brings out the natural umami flavors of the rice. Yamada-Nishiki is the best sake brewing rice because it has a larger grain with a soft opaque center. Ozeki procures its Yamada-Nishiki rice from Hyogo Prefecture which is the largest sake producing region in Japan and the largest Yamada-Nishiki rice growing region. The “Yamada-Nishiki” rice is carefully polished using Ozeki’s traditional techniques honed over hundreds of years which preserve the mellow flavor and mild aroma of the rice.


Product Name Size ALC Sake Meter Value Acidity Polishing Rate
Yamada Nishiki 1.8L
14% +3 1.6 70%

Sake Type

  • SWEET-DRYpoint
  • Light-bodied-Full-bodiedpoint

Food Pairing

Sauteed mussels,fatty tuna sashimi, sushi or rolls.

Serving Temperature

Chilled(40°F~50°F) Room Temp. Warm(105°F~120°F) Hot(125°F~140°F)
★★★ ★★★