Kaikouzu (Sweet Potato)

Fukiage Imo (Sweet Potato)ShochuKaikozu

Shochu made from “Kuri Kogane” -a rare sweet potato
“Kaikouzu” is a Honkaku (Genuine)Imo shochu carefully brewed from the rare sweet potato, “Kuri Kogane” which is procured by contract from Kagoshima Prefecture, the mecca of Honkaku shochu. Traditional black koji added to the main mash, then fermented at a low temperature and distilled at normal pressure gives “Kaikouzu” a uniquely sweet aroma with a mellow and rich flavor of the raw ingredients. Serve mixed with hot water to enhance the aroma and sweetness.


Product Name Size ALC
Kaikozu (Sweet Potato) 720ml

Food Pairing

Steamed seafood or spicy cuisine.

Serving Temperature

Straight On The Rock with Water  with Hot Water