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MACERAGETimeless Beauty

For those leading a busy life, it is our desire to fulfill your beauty needs.
[Concept 1] A Drop of Goodness
~AGL136=Beauty Enhancer~
Priming your skin for self-reliance, MACERAGE's original beauty ingredient, AGL136 keeps in long-lasting hydration and helps your skin stay protected.
[Concept 2] Gentleness with Peace of Mind
~Naturally derived from plants~
Even with daily usage, it is gentle on your skin due to the abundance of plant-based ingredients.
[Concept 3] Optimal Care with Less Time
~A Revolutionary Time-Saver~
Saving you precious time with simple steps in the morning and evening for your skin care routine that gets you beauty results.


  Product Name Size
MACERAGE Cleansing Oil MACERAGE cleansing oil 150ml
MACERAGE Moisture Foam MACERAGE moisture foam 120g
MACERAGE Skin Care Accelerating Serum MACERAGE skin care accelerating serum 30ml
MACERAGE Nutri-Balanced Lotion MACERAGE nutri-balanced lotion 155ml
MACERAGE Day Energy Care Cream MACERAGE day energy care cream 35g
MACERAGE Skin Encouraging Gel MACERAGE skin encouraging gel 80g