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Ozeki Junmai Sake Skin CareNadaNourish and beautify your skin with the benefits of sake.

“Nada” contains Junmai-shu (fermented rice liquid)*, which has plenty of moisturizing ingredients, with the combination of collagen, hyaluronan acid and natural vitamins. This series of skin care products ensures you will feel the benefit of sake.
* Junmai-shu (fermented rice liquid): Junmai-shu is produced by the traditional sake brewing skill that has been constantly improving. Junmai-shu contains amino acids and minerals in NMF (natural moisturizing factor), which human skin originally has. NMF has efficacies of moisturizing, emollient, and blood circulation promotion to make skin beautiful.


Product Name Size
Nada Moisture Lotion 150ml
Nada Moisture Milk 120ml
Nada Moisture Cream 45g
Nada Moisture Pack 170g