Brand Name Origin

In 1884, Ozeki became the registered brand name from 'Manryo'.

The name originates from the sumo world when 'Ozeki' was the grand champion. Sumo wrestling originated from castle guards showing their strength and the winner being declared 'Ozeki'.

'Odeki-大出来' which means 'good job' sounds similar to 'Ozeki' and this gave motivation to make good sake.

Ozeki chose this as their brand name in order to use the sumo world as a medium for effective publicity. Sumo was becoming popular at the time and held many of the beliefs that were important for growth- strenuous hard work and technical skill. Ozeki aimed to build the brand through these beliefs just like winning sumo wrestlers do. Ozeki would also grow its demand through hard work and technical skill.

Nowadays, 'Yokozuna' is known as the grand champion but 'Ozeki' feels that with this there is always the motivation to do better and strive for the top. Again, the beliefs in sumo resonate with Ozeki's beliefs for its products. Perseverance and skill will take you to the top.

The 'proverb' below is on the wall at Ozeki's Headquarters.

横綱は強いようでも、どんづまり私が買うなら伸びる大関。-The Yokozuna looks very strong, but there is no future so I will invest in Ozeki.-